Izabella Szabo

Hello, my name is Izabella, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Romania. My passion and curiosity for fitness started with the pandemic situation, because I was unhappy and I was fighting with some plus kilograms. A healthy lifestyle and sport helps me a lot to lose those kg-s and regain my self-confidence. Now, I […]

Rana Alduraibi

professional personal trainer and EMS trainer with over 3 years of health and wellness experience, certified by the Saudi REPS and EREPS. I possess a proven track record of over 100 clients in helping them achieve their fitness and health goals. I would describe myself as approachable, quite, and strong. Country – Saudi Arabia 

Anania Karen Emanuella

Nationality: Romanian  Experience : 6 years in sport .  Education: “Sport college “ “Ems accredited course” “Nutritionist degree”    If you have a goal, get someone next to you who has been doing this for a long time , because role models are the first step if you want to change something in your lifestyle.  […]

Andreea Suhoverschi

My name is Andreea, I’m 27 yo and I have worked as a personal trainer for 4 years. I also have a degree in Kinetotherapy and Physical therapy, the first AID course, and I can help you with various problems for example back pain, knee pain. I helped a lot of people to lose weight […]

Ibrahim Mohammed

Hi, I’m Mohammed and I’m a 25 years old Saudi national. My fitness experience starts a few years back with some courses I did in personal training and my newest course for EMS personal trainer. My assets are ensuring safe and effective workout, building strong relationships with the client and motivating the client to get […]

Alex Hava

Hello I’m Alex , I am 25 years old originally from Romania, I’ve finished Sports University and EMS Training. The last years I had focus on different types of fitness trainings and different types of sports. I am specialized in EMS Training and my goal is to improve and get results for you!

Moise Farcut

Hi my name is Moise , I’m from Romania and I’m 30 years old. I am the first personal trainer to work with FAST FIT EMS with more than 6 years experience in EMS, lifestyle coaching, nutrition, relationship development and biomechanics. Motivated EMS personal trainer, determined in helping people of all fitness levels get into […]

Boneta Ovidiu Sebastian

Nationality:   Romania  Experience in fitness:  Starting from 6 years  practicing sport  Personal trainer  7 years  Specialisation in Fitness Sport college  Ems trainer degree 5 years 

Lucian Todea

Hi, My name is Lucian, I am 35 years old and I am an Ems certified coach. I have been passionate about sports for a lifetime, I started playing football at the age of 8, becoming a professional player. My experience as a muscle stimulation coach is 5 years. With confidence in yourself , you […]

Dorina Todea

My name is Dorina, I am 31, years old. I am from Romania and I have 5 years experience in Ems personal training. I am personal trainer specialised in the Muscle stimulation at Fast Fit Ems . I am passionate about helping people finding the right balance for them, which means that they can enjoy […]