Flavia Rotaru

Hello. My name is Flavia, I am from Romania and I have  28 years old. With a 4 years experience in fitness as a personal trainer from wich the last 2 years specialized in EMS,  I decided to join Fast Fit EMS because it is the most efficient and modern workout. I joined the team […]

Izabella Szabo

Hello, my name is Izabella, I’m 22 years old and I’m from Romania. My passion and curiosity for fitness started with the pandemic situation, because I was unhappy and I was fighting with some plus kilograms. A healthy lifestyle and sport helps me a lot to lose those kg-s and regain my self-confidence. Now, I […]

Rana Alduraibi

professional personal trainer and EMS trainer with over 3 years of health and wellness experience, certified by the Saudi REPS and EREPS. I possess a proven track record of over 100 clients in helping them achieve their fitness and health goals. I would describe myself as approachable, quite, and strong. Country – Saudi Arabia 

Anania Karen Emanuella

Nationality: Romanian  Experience : 6 years in sport .  Education: “Sport college “ “Ems accredited course” “Nutritionist degree”    If you have a goal, get someone next to you who has been doing this for a long time , because role models are the first step if you want to change something in your lifestyle.  […]

Andreea Suhoverschi

My name is Andreea, I’m 27 yo and I have worked as a personal trainer for 4 years. I also have a degree in Kinetotherapy and Physical therapy, the first AID course, and I can help you with various problems for example back pain, knee pain. I helped a lot of people to lose weight […]

Delia Popescu

Dedicated and professional EMS certified personal trainer with a passion for improving customer’s health,wellness and quality of life . Deliver high energy training using the latest techniques in exercise such as cardio and strength training. Body transformation specialist , motivating and inspiring customers to get results trough goals setting. Changed so far more than 200 customer’s […]