Samaher Suliman

I am a passionate trainer who enjoy coaching and guiding clients to reach their best version of themselves mentally and physically. I am a certified personal trainer from Saudi and European REPS. I’ve been in fitness industry since 2019 and I’ve got more than 30 certificates in this field in addition I am master’s student in […]

Ghada Alqasim

Skilful and powerful woman with five years skilfulness in training and sport field. I believe that every person’s body is beautiful in his/her own way. I choose to be a personal trainer to change the prevailing thought of the feminine beauty ideal that the social media has injected in women’s minds.

Alexandra Bucur

Hello all, My name is Alexandra, i am 28 years old  currently I am  a personal trainer at FAST FIT EMS. Out of the desire to help as many people as possible and passionate about everything that means Human body, health, good body alignment, I decided to attend after high school the University  of Physical Education and Sports, […]

Dorina Todea

My name is Dorina, I am 31, years old. I am from Romania and I have 5 years experience in Ems personal training. I am personal trainer specialised in the Muscle stimulation at Fast Fit Ems . I am passionate about helping people finding the right balance for them, which means that they can enjoy […]