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    EMS-Training is a new form of full body workout that is transforming the world of fitness. It’s all about super-charging the natural effects of exercise.


    EMS electrical muscle stimulation or electro muscle stimulation) is a new trend sport that originally comes from physiotherapy. This high-intense whole-body workout uses low-frequency electrical impulses to stimulate those muscles that are often ignored by conventional training methods. During an EMS training session, which only lasts about 20 minutes, all big groups of muscles are stimulated, also the underlying muscles. Despite its short duration, EMS is as effective as several hours of traditional strength training.

    The workout routine consists of both dynamic and static exercises that can be varied in all kinds of ways. The electrical impulse is transferred to the body via electrodes. Both the duration and the intensity of the impulses are controlled through an EMS device that allows each group of muscles to be stimulated individually, at different or equal intensity.-

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    The Benefits of EMS Training

    Fat Reduction

    EMS promotes a high level of metabolic activity during, and for many hours after, a training session. The higher your metabolism, the better your body will burn fat and build lean muscle mass.

    Reduce Muscle Tension

    EMS training promotes the circulation of blood throughout the muscles, which can significantly help to release muscular tension and knots.

    Build muscle

    The extra stimulation given to your muscles during an EMS training session is what leads to an increase in muscle mass. After just a few training sessions, you will typically notice an increase in the size of your chest, arm and leg muscles.

    Improve your strength, body shape and stamina.

    EMS has been applied for many years in the fields of physiotherapy and competitive sports. The training intensity comes from gentle stimulation, not heavy loads (such as weights/dumbells) so Fast Fit EMS training puts no additional strain on joints or ligaments.

    Build strength and endurance

    Typically, when you train at the gym (or other similar exercise), you will only use between 40 – 70% of your strength potential. EMS improves how your muscles work together and increases the intensity of your muscle contractions, enabling your body to use up to 90% of its potential – achieving more in a shorter time.

    Improve posture and reduce back pain

    EMS has been applied for many years in the fields of physiotherapy and competitive sports. The training intensity comes from gentle stimulation, not heavy loads (such as weights/dumbells) so Fast Fit EMS training puts no additional strain on joints or ligaments.

    A correction of muscular days balances

    EMS is designed to allow for the selective targeting of particular muscle groups. This is especially important if muscular dys balances are to be corrected. Sitting at a desk for extended periods, for example, leads to a shortening of the chest muscles and the simultaneous weakening of the shoulder and back muscles.

    Less strain on the musculoskeletal system

    EMS training poses no additional strain. The training intensity does not result from heavy loads, but from electrical stimulation. This is much easier on the joints and musculoskeletal system. During EMS training, the training intensity is generated by electrical stimulation. This enables the user to enjoy gentle training sessions that are easy on the joints, without any extra burden being posed by weights / dumbbells.

    Improvement in sports performance

    In many types of sport, strength has a major impact on performance. EMS training maximises the capacity and strength of the muscles, as well as correcting the postural imbalances that can impede performance. It is an incredibly useful, and time-efficient, programme to run alongside conventional training for sports such as competitive cycling, athletics, football and swimming.



    One of the key benefits of FastFit EMS is its ability to reach deeper muscles. Exercising deeper muscles is often difficult, yet these muscles are responsible for supporting our posture. FastFit EMS training methods helps improve posture and helps relieve back pain.


    With the FastFit EMS training program you can gain your desired muscle weight and maintain it without suffering through long gym sessions or heavy weight lifting. Using FastFit EMS instead of traditional weight lifting reduces the impact on your joints preventing pain and body damage caused by heavy weight workouts. These sessions also allow you to focus your training on specific muscle groups.


    Cellulite is caused by the weakening of connective tissues. These tissues can be stimulated with lower impulse intensity, which increases blood circulation and stimulates the removal of excreta from problematic areas. The presence of cellulite can be significantly reduced with the use of FastFit Method.


    FastFit technology targets muscles that are difficult to develop with traditional workouts. Your performance and endurance will be significantly improved when using FastFit in combination with conventional training.


    This special programme helps the regeneration of deep muscle fibres and connective tissues affected by pregnancy. With FastFit EMS abdominal muscles can regain their original tone and condition after pregnancy.

    Muscle Growth & Body Toning

    Our strengthening workout can both increase muscle mass and decrease body fat at the same time. Depending on your goal, you can either gain muscle size to appear stronger or reduce your overall size to achieve a more toned look. 

    Weight Loss

    The amount of calories your body requires on a daily basis is largely determined by your metabolism and sport activities. In general, if you have a caloric surplus, i.e. eat more than your body needs, you will gain weight. A caloric deficit on the other hand leads to weight loss.

    Skin Tightness

    Repeated intensive engagements of individual muscles can increase your metabolism significantly. A higher metabolism promotes fat loss and can therefore reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve the overall look of your skin.


    During normal everyday life your muscles are continuously and naturally being stimulated by bioelectric impulses. It’s what causes your muscles to contract, so you can move. Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a method of amplifying this natural process to encourage your muscles to work harder. Extra electrical impulses are delivered to your body through a specially designed training suit containing electrodes. The extra stimulation creates stronger, more intense muscle contractions than from conventional training, making EMS much more effective in developing strength, stamina and improving body shape.
    Numerous studies by Erlangen-Nuremberg (2009), the German Sports University of Cologne (2008), and the Heart Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen (2010) have all scientifically proven how effective EMS training is. Research from Bayreuth University in Germany reported the following results after a six-week training program with E On average, 85% of people tested saw an improvement in their body shape. The higher intensity training produced visible results in terms of enhanced muscle definition and tone. Whole body EMS training is up to 40% more intensive than traditional strength training with weights. Overall maximum strength ability increased by 12%. Endurance and fitness levels improved by 69%.
    EMS training has been used for several decades in physiotherapy, medicine and competitive sports. It is mainly used to correct muscular imbalances, relieve back pain, strengthen pelvic floor muscles and improve circulation. Because impulses are transmitted directly onto the muscles, bypassing the joints entirely, there is no impact on ligaments or joints. That’s why EMS is commonly used to repair and strengthen muscles and joints for people who are recovering from injury. The built-in electrodes used during EMS training can stimulate and develop all the muscle groups, or just selected ones, so the ’weaker links’ of the body can be strengthened. In professional sports, EMS training is also used to optimise the stimulation of core muscles to help improve power and performance.
    With EMS training, electrodes are placed directly on the body, which means all the impulses reach their target and stimulate the required muscle fibres. This helps to build muscle, resulting in improved body shape, stamina and strength. It also speeds up your metabolism, which is key in transforming the way your body uses calories. This makes it an effective tool for reducing body fat and losing weight.
    By training at a FastFit studio, you’ll burn up to 500 calories each time you train, compared to an average of 300 calories with conventional training. EMS training also improves circulation and encourages a better blood supply to the tissues beside the muscles, which is the most effective way of reducing cellulite. A person with a medium build, eating a healthy diet and doing one 20-minute EMS workout at Bodystreet each week can expect to reduce their body fat by around 4% in the first 6 weeks. Over a 12-week period your body fat ratio could be reduced by up to 10%. (Note: this is only a guideline as everyone is different and trains at different levels of intensity.)
    Regular, long-term training is just as important for EMS training as it is for conventional exercise. The performance capacity of your muscles can only be maintained if you train regularly. And, just like with conventional power training, if you stop exercising for extended periods of time, your muscles will eventually return to their former (pre-training) state
    During a full body workout with EMS in a FastFit studio, over 90% of the muscle fibres are contracted at the same time. Unlike with conventional strength training, the deep-lying muscles are also stimulated. This improves coordination within the muscles themselves and also between different muscle groups, making this form of training particularly intensive and fast. EMS is brilliant for general muscle buildings, but also works wonders when targeting specific areas of the body, such as the buttocks, abdomen or back
    The electrical current is low impulse and completely safe. Whilst the workout sessions can be intense, the actual feeling of the current is gentle and non-invasive. Our personal trainers will tailor your routine so you won’t be stretched beyond your personal capabilities
    No. Training or therapy with low frequency electrical stimulation does not pose any danger whatsoever. This is because our muscles are continuously working with the help of natural electrical impulses all the time anyway. When you’re training with EMS, these impulses are simply amplified. The major advantage to EMS training is that, unlike conventional training, there is no additional strain on the joints. The electric impulses work on the muscles directly, so there is no pressure on the joints ensuring they cannot be over-worked (as can often happen with weight training).