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    ☑ 20 Min EMS Training = 4 hours of conventional workout
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    ☑ Train with an EMS certified personal trainer.
    ☑ Get a customised nutrition plan.
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    ☑ Body analysis
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    What is Fast Fit EMS?​

    Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) uses electric impulses to stimulate muscle contraction. Your EMS experience starts from the moment you arrive at our studio. First, we will give you a special EMS suit with padded electrodes that are placed on different muscle groups of your body. Once you’re suited up, you’ll start doing different exercises that your trainer designed for you and you will feel the contraction of deep muscles like you’ve never experienced before. Using high-end, next-generation wireless EMS devices, you won't feel constrained instead you’ll have more freedom and a bigger range of motion during your exercise.

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    How Fast Fit EMS Works?

    When you work out at the gym your brain sends impulses to your muscles to contract them so you can make any movement you want. EMS uses impulses identical to those of your brain. But unlike regular gym sessions, EMS makes these natural contractions much more effective by sending impulses to all of your muscles at once. So Imagine if instead of having a separate leg, chest, ab and arm days at the gym, you can work all of that effectively at the exact same time for only 20 minutes. That’s exactly what EMS does!


    No More excuses with Fast Fit EMS

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    Benefits of Fast Fit EMS Training

    Save Time

    Time is money and it’s especially true in today’s busy world. With EMS you don’t have to choose between your work and your health. Achieve the results of a 2-hour gym session in just 20 minutes.

    See Immediate Results​

    Get your dream body in the shortest time possible burning up to 550 Kcal and safely activating 92% of your muscles in a single 20-minute session. Lose fat, increase muscles and start seeing results after only 2 sessions.

    Personal Training

    Train exclusively with a certified personal trainer that will design a customized and easy to follow nutrition plan, based on your body analysis and your fitness goals.


    See the Fascinating Difference Fast Fit EMS Made in Peoples' Lives

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    Meet the people that achieved their fitness goals with Fast Fit EMS

    20 Minutes Workout

    6 times more effective than the regular gym training

    100% Exclusive

    Trusted by world-famous celebrities and athletes.

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    100% safe and effective workout

    Trusted by Athletes

    EMS is widely used in the training and rehabilitation of world-famous athletes in the USA and Europe. Think of your favorite athlete, they’re probably using it too.

    Scientifically Proven to Work

    EMS heavily supported by medical researches from the German Sports University of Cologne, and the Heart Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen.

    FDA Approved

    At Fast Fit EMS, we use high-end FDA approved devices that deliver safe low-frequency impulses that mimic the natural brain impulses that contract your muscles so you can move.


    Full-Body Check

    Your first session will last 1 hour to design the best plan to achieve your fitness goals. Before you get to start your EMS workout, you will undergo a full body test, measuring your BMI, fat%, visceral fat% (dangerous fat around your organs) muscle%, and metabolic rate. By the end of this test, we will have a complete understanding of your body and its needs so we can design a program that is tailored for you and is sure to get you where you want to be. These numbers measure your progress throughout your EMS experience to make sure that you’re on the right track to achieve your ultimate fitness goals.

    Easy to Follow Nutrition Plan

    Do you ever feel sluggish after a meal? A good nutrition plan will change that! Not only does it help you lose weight but it also elevates your mood, makes your brain sharper, increases productivity and makes you feel like taking the world by storm! Our certified trainers design an easy-to-follow nutrition plan that teaches you how to make healthy choices, easily. Instead of going down the beaten path of restrictive diets, that leads you to nowhere, change your life once and for all with Fast Fit EMS

    Customized Training Program

    One size doesn’t fit all! We believe that everybody is unique, and we have no place for general workouts. Our certified trainers will build a specific workout plan for you based on your fitness levels, your BMI and body composition test, and your goals, that is guaranteed to achieve maximum results.

    Starting your EMS Training

    Finally, you get to start your EMS experience by putting on our magic EMS suit and experiencing this revolutionary technology. Feel your muscles becoming stronger and inch closer to your ultimate fitness dreams with every impulse. Guided by a highly skilled personal trainer to support you every step of the way.

    Learn more about our training from our clients by reading our reviews
    4.6 Rating @ Google.com

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    Fast Fit EMS, Revolutionizing the World of Fitness in KSA

    Lose Weight

    Watch stubborn fats melt off of your body after every session. EMS training spikes your metabolic level during and after the workout so you will continue to burn fat during the following week without doing anything. You’ll see a remarkable decrease in fat and an impressive improvement in the overall shape of your body.

    Increase Muscle Mass

    The intense stimulation of the EMS training activates 92% of your body muscles, targeting deep muscles that are hard to reach with conventional methods and growing your muscles fast. You’ll have a noticeable increase in your chest, arms, and legs as you progress in your EMS training.


    Increase Strength

    EMS improves your strength and overall performance by stimulating all big group muscles at the same time enabling your body to use 90% of its potential which strengthens your muscles significantly faster than conventional methods.

    Back Pain Relief

    Sitting down at your desk or not being active for long periods of time is sure to have a negative effect on your back muscles causing nagging back pain.
    Fast Fit EMS helps you strengthen the deep muscles around your spine which are difficult to reach using conventional training, leading to a fast back pain relief.

    Watch What World-Class Experts Say About EMS

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    The Doctors discussing EMS on Rachel Ray

    If you’re going to start EMS training somewhere, make sure they know what they are doing” At Fast Fit EMS we’re experts at what we do. Watch The Doctors be impressed with the effectiveness of EMS even with very simple exercises.

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    Doctors live EMS work out

    Throughout your whole body, you really are working every muscle”
    Watch Terra who had never worked out with a trainer before try EMS live for the first time with celebrity trainer Lacy Stone and how amazed she is by the revolutionary powers of EMS

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Get an answer to your most pressing questions about EMS

    1) Why is EMS so effective?

    During an EMS workout, over 90% of muscle fibers are contracted at the same time, including deep muscles that are difficult to target using conventional training methods. The intense muscle stimulation allows you to build stronger muscles fast and safely.

    2) Is there scientific proof that EMS works?

    Studies by Erlangen-Nuremberg (2009), the German Sports University of Cologne (2008), and the Heart Clinic in Bad Oeynhausen (2010) have all proven EMS training to be effective. Research from Bayreuth University in Germany reported the following results after a six-week training program: On average, 85% of people noticed an improvement in their body shape. Strength increased by 12% Endurance and fitness levels improved by 69%

    3) Is EMS training safe?

    EMS has been used for many years by world-famous athletes across the USA and Europe without causing any side effects. During your workout, you will experience small, low-frequency impulses that mimic the natural brain impulses that contract our muscles so we can move. EMS simply makes these impulses more effective by working on the muscles directly, preventing any pressure on the joints.

    4) Does it hurt?

    Not at all, the impulses are small and low-frequency. The feeling is best described as a gentle tingle. This can easily be adjusted by your personal trainer depending on your fitness level and goals. However, after the first workout sessions, you might feel regular muscle soreness but this is because your muscles will be working hard and it will go away as you become fitter.

    5) What do I need to bring?

    Just the desire to transform your life.
    We will provide you with a special training outfit to wear during training, suitable footwear, a hygiene kit, and fully equipped showers.

    6) How soon will I see results?

    You will feel immediate results by working deep muscles in a more intense way than you have ever experienced before. After 2- 4 sessions you will start to see changes in your strength, posture and energy levels. After 4-6 sessions, you will start seeing visible improvements in your body shape.

    Experience the Real Fitness Transformation
    For just 249 SAR

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