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Company policy

Fast Fit Sports Company reserves the right to terminate subscriptions
without refunds for violations of company rules or misconduct endangering
others. Temporary closures or restricted access may occur for maintenance
or events. Operating hours, services, and equipment may change without
notice. Equipment use may be restricted based on safety concerns.
Customer selection and fee adjustments are at the company’s discretion.
Rules and regulations may be modified as deemed necessary. Sessions may
be deducted for late cancellations. Collaboration with personal trainers and
studio operating hours may change without prior notice.

Information regarding subscription

The subscription is strictly non-transferable and non-refundable. As per the
Ministry of Sports publication, refunds are only applicable if the request is
made within 24 hours of payment. In all other cases, no refunds will be

Multiple club access is  available for selected subscriptions.

Multiple club access is available for selected subscriptions.

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